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About Us

Jay Van Bavel is a Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at New York University.

Dominic Packer is a Professor of Psychology and Associate Vice Provost for Research at Lehigh University.

We study the psychology and neuroscience of group identity, team performance, cooperation, bias, solidarity, health, and leadership. We both received our PhDs from the University of Toronto, where we bonded in a shared sub-basement office.

Yvonne Phan is a science communicator who helps with the writing and editing of this newsletter.

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Our newsletter is designed to help people get smarter about groups and make groups smarter. Each week, we share science and the stories of social identity, group dynamics, and collective behavior.


Dominic Packer & Jay Van Bavel

A revolutionary new understanding of identity, showing how our group affiliations have a powerful influence on our feelings, beliefs, and behavior, that can inspire both personal change and social movements.