Issue 69: The story behind a recent paper--how we were forced to choose between competing with scientists doing similar research or cooperating with them
Issue 68: Part 2 of our podcast on polarization and democracy with interviews featuring Evan Mawarire, Dr. Hahrie Han, Uriel Epshtein & Joshua Fryday
Issue 68: Part 1 of our podcast with interviews featuring Dr. Hahrie Han, Alison Taylor, Uriel Epshtein & Joshua Fryday
The Roots of PolarizationListen now (32 min) | The first of a special two-part series, this episode offers a definition of polarization and explores its causes and effects. In…
Issue 67: We learn about "the ultimate handbook for fighting back against the tsunami of misinformation that threatens to drown us in bullshit.”
Issue 66: Career updates from Jay and Dom, and eleven leadership rules from 1950 that hold up pretty well in 2023
Issue 65: Our latest article in Quartz at work outlines four tips for leaders who want to lead teams more effectively
Issue 64: We talk with Deb Mashek about her new book and how to build incredible collaborative relationships at work
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